Building SlashCoins

Only supports Python 3.6+. Designed to respond seemlessly to both HipChat & Slack requests.

Direct Install

pip install -e .
slash_coin_launcher -v -d

Install requirements in a virtualenv and use the built-in launcher to run on localhost. Launch without -d/--debug for production mode.

Also, for configurations, slash_coin_launcher --dump-config > app_local.cfg will allow you to write secrets to a config file. Then just launch with slash_coin_launcher --config=path/to/app_local.cfg.


Tools have been included to deploy your own via Docker! Built off Optimized Python Docker image.

docker build -t slash-coins -f Dockerfile .
docker run -d -p 8000:8000 slash-coins

Customize with docker ENV flags

  • PROSPER_LOGGING__discord_webhook: log error messages to Discord
  • PROSPER_LOGGING__slack_webhook: log error messages to Slack
  • PROSPER_LOGGING__hipchat_webhook: log error messages to HipChat
  • PROSPER_FLASK__port: change outgoing Flask port


PythonAnywhere is an amazing resource for hacker projects, and makes it easy to piggyback off their HTTPS certs rather than rolling your own for HipChat compliance.

Instructions based off their webapp launch guide. Follow instructions to pip-install project, then add this to the WSGI config.

# import flask app but need to call it "application" for WSGI to work
from slash_coins.flask_launcher import build_logger_pythonanywhere

from slash_coins.flask_launcher import APP as application

Because slash_coins has ProsperCommon logging built in, we need to add our logger into the logging tree. Also, the names are changed slightly to be more PEP8.